CROSSCHAIN is a P2P blockchain platform that enables cross-chain transactions with BitPAX, a 100% subsidiary of KOSDAQ listed company PAXNet, and ATUM SOLUTIONS AG, a global blockchain technology
CROSSCHAIN is a truly decentralized platform for digital assets
CROSSCHAIN and has set its eyes on the global stage. CROSSCHAIN is a distributed network of nodes that performs swaps between different blockchains. It allows users to easily perform operations between various digital assets without the need for a third-party and to manage their assets directly from their wallets, giving them full control and transparency over their transactions. The platform currently supports direct swap between NEM, ETH and BTC.
Why Decentralized Platform?
One of the primary appeals of blockchain technologies is their decentralized nature, yet the majority of solutions available today are centralized platforms. These platforms have control over all transactions, and hold the private keys to their users’ accounts. Hence, centralized platforms are at a higher risk of security breaches and hacks. A decentralized platform eliminates such third-party risk by giving users control over their signatures and their assets. CROSSCHAIN, with it’s distributed network of nodes running the underlying business logic, offers true decentralization to its users.
A better experience
The CROSSCHAIN platform is not only secure but also simple to use. A new account can be created in seconds. On top of transparency, the performance of the platform will comply with the highest standards applicable to similar businesses.